Ek Arthi Ek Janaja (Hindi)

EK ARTHI EK JANAJA by Badri Narain Sinha

When communal riots broke out in Bhagalpur in 1967, the tragedy of innocent lives lost in the insane hatred of the mad mob frenzy that engulfed the town moved Badri Narain Sinha no end as a person apart from its professional impact on him. The result was that while monitoring the situation from the control room, overnight he penned the true incident of two friends, one Hindu and the other Moslem, Omprakash and Nuruddin, who had lost their lives in that insanity. He wrote it in Hindi, got it translated into Urdu, and then got the moving piece printed as a small booklet which he got distributed widely among the emotionally charged people. Needless to say, this small literary masterpiece was much more effective than any force in cooling down the people and making them see the madness of their fury. The title of the piece, roughly translated, read 'One Pyre One Bier'

  • Title

    Ek Arthi Ek Janaja (Hindi)

  • Date

    15th December 1967

  • Author

    Badri Narain Sinha

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